Five women smiling and discussing in a party
Photo: Tatu Hiltunen

Finnish Somalia Network

The Finnish Somalia Network is an ideologically, politically and religiously independent umbrella organization, which works as a cooperative body for organizations conducting or planning to conduct development cooperation projects in Somalia and the Horn of Africa.


The Finnish Somalia Network is an expert organization focusing on peace and development in Somalia and the Horn of Africa. We offer our member organizations peer support, training and advice as well as consulting services for stakeholders interested in the region.

The Network, founded in 2004, currently implements four different development projects in different sectors and regions in cooperation with our member organizations.

In Finland we are also working on finding means to enhance youth participation and active citizenship focusing especially on youth with migrant background. 

Until the end of 2016 the Network published an electronic journal, trilingual  Afrikan Sarvi – Horn of Africa that is still available online providing lots of interesting reading.

Women and men gathered in a group photo

Somali children holding tree seedlings in their hands