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EUROSOM 2019 is a forum for Somali diaspora and all actors working together with Somalis in Europe to share experiences, learn from each other and point out the cultural diversity in Finland and in Europe. The forum will be organized during Finland’s presidency of the council of the European Union in 2019, which is seen as a good opportunity to make visible the cultural diversity and underline the activity of the Somali diaspora in the society.



  • The 29th and 30th of November 2019  
  • Cultural Centre Caisa, Helsinki, Finland (Kaikukatu 4 B, Helsinki) 



  • Two-day seminar on impact, social participation and diversity 
  • Speakers with different backgrounds from Somali diaspora, politics, civil society organizations 
  • Friday (29 November) focuses on impact and participation of all levels, and activity of Somali diaspora both in new home countries and back in Somalia. 
  • Saturday (30 November) focuses on youth and cultural diversity in Finland and Europe. 
  • Glorious Somali Night on Friday with music, fashion, Somali cuisine 
  • The language of the event is English. 



Time: Friday, 29 November, 10:00 – 15:30
Cultural Centre Caisa, Helsinki, Finland (Kaikukatu 4 B, Helsinki)


9:30               Registration, coffee and tea

10:00             Welcome to EUROSOM 2019 Forum!

10:15             Work and Career as Means of Participation

                       Presentation: Abdirashiid H. Sugulle, Power Quality Engineer/Solar                               Energy Consultant (SWE): How to build self-image and be confident at                         working life

                       Panel discussion


                       Abdirashiid H. Sugulle, Power Quality Engineer/Solar Energy                                           Consultant (SWE)
                       Mohamed Ali Jama, Chair, Finnish Somali League (FIN)
                       Ramieza Mahdi, Project coordinator, Photovoice project (FIN)

                       Moderator: Wali Hashi, Journalist (FIN)

                       Presentation: Mohamud Ahmed Abdi, National Programme Officer,                               IOM (SOM) and Anna Aguilera-Pesä, Project Coordinator, MIDA                                     FINNSOM Health and education, IOM (FIN)

11:45             Rebuilding Broken Society through Somali Art and Culture

                       Said Jama Hussein, Writer, Translator (UK): Art and Literature for                                   Rebuilding Broken Society

12:00             Lunch break (lunch not provided)           

13:30             Women as Changemakers


                       Batulo Essak, Executive Director, African Care (FIN)
                       Fadumo Bulhan, Midwife, Nurse, MIDA FINNSOM (FIN)
                       Maryan Abdulkarim, Writer, Activist (FIN)
                       Habiba Ali, Board Member of FSN and Councillor of the City of                                       Espoo (FIN)

                       Habiibo Mohamed Ahmed, Expert by Experience (FIN)    

                       Moderator: Mulki Al-Sharmani, Docent and Academy Research Fellow,                         University of Helsinki (FIN)              

14:40             Role and Impact of Diaspora Networks in Development

                       Publishing the report on Finnish Somalia Network (FSN) as part of the                         Dialogue Process project:

                       Nimco Noor, Vice Chair of FSN (FIN) and Rosa Rantanen,                                                 Project Coordinator, author of the report (FIN)


                       Abdirizak Mohamed, Former Chair of FSN, Researcher (FIN)
                       Marja Tiilikainen, Former Executive Director of FSN, Researcher (FIN)
                       Said Aden, Board Member of FSN (FIN)

                       Moderator: Liban Abdi, Project Worker of FSN (FIN)

15:20             Summary of the day, Fathia Absie, Filmaker & Storyteller,                                                 Co-Founder and Curator of Eat with Muslims (US)

15:30            The programme ends, coffee and tea


Time: Saturday, 30 November, 10:00 – 15.30
Cultural Centre Caisa, Helsinki, Finland (Kaikukatu 4 B, Helsinki)


9:30               Registration

10:00             Welcome!

10:15             Adam Matan, OBE, Managing Director of Anti-Tribalism Movement                               (UK): Tribalism and next generations

11:00             Somali Youth in the Nordic Countries


                       Abdalla Shafey, Teacher (DK)
                       Fauzia Mohamed Hashi, Refugee consultant (NOR)
                       Sekeryah Ali, Model (FIN) (tbc)
                       Mohamed Said Sheikh Ali, Financial Manager, Somali National                                       Association in Sweden (SWE)

                       Moderator: Adam Matan, OBE, Managing Director of Anti-Tribalism                               Movement (UK)

12:00             Lunch break (lunch not provided)           

13:30             Workshops:

                       1. Young and Resourceful (in English), Adam Abdi Adam, Founder of                             Adams Coaching (FIN)

                       2. Finnish-Somali Women in Business (in Somali), Amina Mohamed,                             Project Worker, Finland-Somalia Association (FIN)

                       3. Make your dreams come true (in English), Samia Mohamud,                                       African Fashion Week Helsinki (FIN)

                       4. Entrepreneurship of Somalis in different countries (in English),                                   Abdirizak Hassan Mohamed, Researcher, Former Chairman of FSN                               (FIN)

14.45             Fathia Absie, Filmaker & Storyteller, Co-Founder and Curator of Eat                               with Muslims (US): My love for being stroryteller and why I chose to                             pursue it

15:00             Summary of the day, Anna Diallo, Executive Director of FSN (FIN)

15:30             The programme ends


Please note that the programme is subject to changes.



Time: Friday, 29 November, 18:30 – 23:00
Cultural Centre Caisa, Helsinki, Finland (Kaikukatu 4 B, Helsinki)


Welcome to enjoy Somali Night where you can discover Somali cuisine, music, African fashion and try henna on yourself. Somali Night is organised together with EUROSOM 2019 Forum Helsinki. Come to have fun with us and get to know new cultures and people!


Host: Dj Subeer (FIN)

18.30 Doors open! Entrance 25 € / 12,50 € 

19.00-20.15 Dinner 

20.30 Entrance 8  

20.40 Dance Group Horseed  

21.00 Mini Afrofashion Show with African Fashion Week Helsinki (AFWH) 

21.25 Shrty 

21.50 KAY 

22.15 Gulled Simba 

22.40 Nimco Dareen 

23.00 Programme ends 

Please note that the programme is subject to changes.



The Finnish Somalia Network brings together Somalis from different areas, clans and other backgrounds and has a long experience of collaboration with multiple actors in Finland and in the Horn of Africa. The EUROSOM 2019 forum will present its unique model of collaboration and networking within Somali diasporas to other European countries. The forum is also a celebration of the Finnish Somalia Network’s 15th anniversary.  



>> EUROHOSTEL (Address: Linnankatu 9, 00160 Helsinki)  

Prices available 28.11.-1.12.2019 (Thursday – Sunday)  

  • Standard single room: 41,60 € per night 
  • Standard double room: 48,20 € per night

You can book accommodation at EUROHOSTEL until 25th November online www.eurohostel.eu. Write the code “EUROSOM” to get promotion offered to the EUROSOM 2019 participants. The price includes bed sheets, towel, sauna in the morning and free Wi-Fi. Breakfast costs 9€ per person if booked before arriving and 10,50 € per person if booked at the hostel. Toilet and bathroom facilities are public at the hostel.  


  • Seminar days are free of charge. 
  • Somali Night on Friday (incl. dinner): 25 € / 12,50 €. Please pay online .



Welcome to help to organise the event!

You can participate in the event also as a volunteer helping us in the arrangements. There are plenty of different tasks and volunteers can choose what they prefer to do and what fits best to their schedule. Feel free to contact for more information about the tasks.

Please contact:
Johanna Syrén
Volunteer Coordinator
johannasy (at) icloud.com
+358 50 5645856

More information:

Emma Yrjölä
emma.yrjola (at) somaliaverkosto.fi
+358 44 735 7563